Finally Going to See The Bolts

Finally, after at least a couple years since the last time, I'm going to the Charger game today at Qualcomm vs. the Cincinnati Bengals... after church, of course. I was surprised to hear that many people are picking the Bengals over the Chargers despite the fact that the Bengals lost last week, have a worse record than the Chargers, the game is in San Diego, it's December (the Chargers haven't lost in December in years), and the stakes are high. If the Chargers win today they clinch not only the playoffs but a second seed in the playoffs (which means home field advantage). My friend Jeff got these tickets months ago (as a birthday gift for me) when we didn't think this game would matter. Now it looks like it may be one of the most important games of the season. Go Bolts!!!


Staci said…
Go Bolts! Can't really watch them on TV without losing interest, but going to the Q is an experience not to be missed!