The Eucharist and Time

I just posted a new post at Community of the Risen called Eucharist and Time. It's about the claims that Eucharist/Communion makes about time--past, future, and present.
Eucharist, as Danny shared, is one of the great responses to Empire insofar as it is our “yes” to all to whom the empire says “no” and it is our economic answer to the world’s patterns of materialism, commodification, and possessiveness. “There is never to be any cost to taking in the body and blood of our Christ.” The Eucharist also deconstructs and demolishes the walls built up by the Empire’s sense of status and superiority for it brings everything down to the very basic need of all mankind regardless of status. It evens the playing ground by reminding us that we all–rich, poor, male female, legal, illegal–need bread… sustenance… something seen as a... Continue Reading >>