Ironic Tragedy

Our (the Church's) openness, should by all means, be confusing to the world. Our love for the unloved, our refusal to marginalize people, our insistence that ALL people are welcome, that ALL people are precious no matter their social class or sexual orientation, our unremitting pursuit of reconciliation, and our relentless forgiveness for those who have wronged us should baffle people who don't live by the Spirit of God and who are not alive under the banner of Christ's victory over death. Yet, tragically, we are often more closed, more vengeful, more power hungry, more bigoted, and less forgiving than they are. The church has become an ironic tragedy.


Mark said…
I'll give an "Amen" to that.

Just finished a book that comes out in September by Craig Gross. 200 pages of essentially what you just said. Over and over and over and over.