I Don't Get It

I don't really understand the Bible. I just have to remind myself of that every once in a while so as not to go insane when I come across challenging passages. In fact, it's healthy to remember that it's ok to be confused and even frustrated with passages of Scripture. Education can screw you up for this because the longer you study the Bible the more pressure you feel that have to understand it. I have studied the Bible for all of my life, it feels, and that just gets me frustrated when I come across passages I just cannot explain. It's healthy though, because it's humbling. It reminds me that God is bigger than my mind and the pages of any book.

Though it frustrates me, I can't imagine what I'd be if I simply conformed every passage so that it would make sense to me (I've done this before and I've seen other do it). So I guess that it's a blessing that I don't get it sometimes. It gives me room to grow. It gives me humility and a hermeneutic of humility might be the most important kind in the study of Scripture.


SarahJoy said…
Hahaha, "hermeneutic of humility." :)