Friday, June 26, 2009

Theology is Art

I like to think of theology as a kind of peotry; a language for the unexplainable and an imagination for the unimaginable. It's not like science which only says what it can. It's more like a painting whcih invites us to get involved with a truth that goes beyond the brush strokes. It's not safe, like pointing out the obvious, nor is it certain, like the solution to an equation. It's a risk. It risks the failure of missing the point. Like a scultor takes the risk of creativity, the Theologian takes the risk of making mundane that which is truly sacred. As the artist seeks to challenge, enlighten, or inspire the world; the theologian seeks to be phrphetic, to dive deep, and to offer a vision of mission to the world.

I hope theology is an art... I'd much rather be an artist...

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nate said...

I've been working through Summa Theologica (finally). I would agree that theology, as a reflection on the creator is an art. This is quite apparent in Aquinas' writings. There is a method to theology though, that I feel is quite scientific in nature.