Pain and Hope and Christ's Victory Over Death

When death comes close to home it becomes much harder and yet more important for us to remember that Christ has conquered death. Now I personally have a harder time understanding how this works for individuals and families in time of grieving than I do understanding how it works out on a systemic level (in the face of governments which take and keep their power by the power of death). But for me and my church family, death has come shockingly close to home as we grieve the untimely loss of one of our members. Now is when Christ's resurrection and his victory over death is of utmoast importance, not merely so that we might be consoled by the thought of "life after death" but so that we might properly grieve--so that the plea that no more may die coupled with resurrection hope may become part of our grief. Our pain and our hope may meet, not one witout the other, for true hope remembers suffering.

God, from who we recieve life and in whom we live,
We do not understand this
We do not understand your victory in times of utter defeat.
Why have you forsaken me?
We know that you have defeated death and you reign until death is under your feet,
Now, so that no more may die, look upon us with compassion and lead us to your victory.
Look upon our pain and weep with us but lead us to gardens of life.
We weep with you now as you grieve with us.
Your Kingdom come...