Great Cavanaugh Quote from Inhabitatio Dei

"The Eucharist is not just about seeing the world in a certain way, but about acting. Social imagination is not merely a mental act. The Eucharist is about the construction of a social body — the Body of Christ — that is capable of resisting the imagination of the state when resistance is called for. In the early Church, the term anamnesis was not a recalling to mind, but a re-membering of Christ’s body, that is, an action that knit together the members of the Body of Christ. ...
If it is the case that the Eucharist makes the Body of Christ, then the Church does not simply commemorate God’s “no” to violence, but embodiesGod’s answer to violence in the world. We ourselves prefer to absorb the violence of the world rather than to perpetrate violence." _William Cavanaugh

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