Only One Allegiance

My friend and mentor Robin Dugall posted a great election day post today reminding us where our allegiances really lie. He says:
"...let us remember that no matter who ascends to political power, we have a living hope in none other than the Lord of all Creation...let us remember that true change and transformation is alive and well only in and through the power of God...let us remember, that His Lordship in our lives influences, infects and transcends all of what we experience in our journey together."

Just great stuff!

Our hope is in Jesus Christ, our dreams are his dreams and nothing less... dreams of a world without the curse, without oppression, without war, without poverty. Ours are not the dreams of the American Nation State which is primarily concerned with its own self preservation. We vote for but never give over our allegiance to a political candidate. We hope for but never hope in a political candidate. We are the prophetic voice that shouts "thy kingdom come" to God and not to a political candidate on the behalf of and in solidarity with the poor and the oppressed of the world without borders. In God we trust, even when he stands against America and American politics.

"My first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man. My first allegiance is not to democracy or blood, it's to a king & a kingdom" _Derek Webb

Because I only have one allegiance to give.