Love Work, Hate Domination

Nate Watson over at My Friend Ivan recently posted this great quote from Shemayah, from the Talmudic book, Avot-Ethics of the Father.
"Love work; hate domination; and seek not undue intimacy with the government."

I love the combination of the lines "love work" and "hate domination." How often does our work, in this society, eventually lead to domination? It seems that in order to get ahead in our system, you eventually have to take advantage of someone... you have to dominate others to get to the top. How often do we glorify domination with our work?

Lord, help us to remember your hungry, naked, and lonely crucified Son... help us to remember with our bodies... with our work.


nate said…
Thanks for posting this! I couldn't agree more with you summation of work/domination in America. I think the ultimate domination we face is self gratification. This slave master drives us to, as you said, "take advantage" of others to wet our thirst for more money, more pleasure...aghhhh...makes me sick.