The Themba Project

My good friend Jeff is working to do something pretty cool. It's called the Themba Project. Basically what he's doing is putting on a thrift-store on APU's campus, selling donated clothes in order to raise money to donate to some contacts he has who are working in South Africa. Here's his description from MySpace:
The Themba Project is a grassroots effort hoping to play a small part in fighting against the effects of AIDS and poverty in South Africa. Through the sales of second-hand clothing and progressive fashion, we hope to financially support organizations in the community of George, South Africa who are tangibly meeting the needs of the poor and marginalized in that area. It is the intention of the Themba Project to "Give Hope" to those in need, which is how we derive our name (Themba=Hope in the Zulu language). We believe that "to whom much is given, much is required." As a result, the Themba Project exists to remind the privileged masses that food, safety, and healthcare are basic human rights, not exclusive to Western society. Please help us in our attempt to give hope to those in need. Contact us at

If you're in the LA area and want to donate some of your good clothes OR if you are not in the LA area and want to donate money, please shoot me an e-mail (, leave a comment, or send Jeff an e-mail ( I believe he can get you a tax receipt, just ask him. If you feel that there's other things you must do with your money and clothes, please don't feel pressured, but I think this is a pretty worthy cause.
If you wanna come buy some clothes for the cause it's gonna happen somewhere on APU's campus (or extremely close by--I'll update when I'm sure) on Monday April 14th and Tuesday April 15th.