Dorothee Soelle and Maria Pilar Aquino

"We have inverted the relationship between love and suffering... Our highest goal is to remain free of it right up to the moment of death... The apathetic freedom from suffering, this freedom from want and from pain and from commitment to people has been promoted to our highest value... the goals of being capable of love are subordinate to the goal of getting through life "well," which is to say getting through unscathed, untouched."_Dorothee Soelle (Andrea Bieler and Luise Schottroff, The Eucharist: Bodies, Bread, & Resurrection, 123-124.)

"The transformation of the world in the present circumstances occurs through active participation in the global and local struggles for a radical democratic-emancipatory globalization. At the core of this plural movement for social change grows the hope that another world is possible, a world without violence, without war, without totalitarianism, and without social injustice."_Maria Pilar Aquino (Daniel G Groody, Option for the Poor in Christian Theology, p. 210)