Wrestling with "Emergent"

Danny over at Community of the Risen is doing a series of posts (I don't know how many more he'll do) on the "Emergent Movement." He's got some good thoughts. Here's one quote that I found particularly intriguing:
"What we have here is a variety of people trying to do church in the internet age.  They have flocked around certain words such as missional, ecclesiology, liturgy, and postmodern.  Anyone who seeks to understand such a movement will be hardpressed to work through all the data (i.e. the multiplicity of books, bloggers, and people who subscribe to emergent theology or from those who pick and choose various parts of emergent theology to hold onto).  I myself have only dabbled in emergent theology, but I have found the distinct flavor, theology, and vocabulary of the emergent church quite interesting."
Anyone who knows anything about this conversation might like to put in their two cents. I think there's potential for a great dialogue. Click Here.