Alternate Society

The Church, as an alternate society, resists the oppressive principalities and powers of the world and seeks to live out and establish the Kingdom of God. Its allegiance lies with God, rather than with whatever governmental or socio-political authorities may be in place. A Christian does not see his or herself, for example, primarily as an American or a Mexican, but simply as a Christian—a Christian who happens to live in a particular place. There are no borders within the Church. The Church, historically, has generally failed at being an alternate society. Currently in America, the distinction between the Church and the state is difficult to articulate on a philosophical level. The Church has aligned itself so closely with the State, particularly with the Republican Party, that patriotism is almost a prerequisite in some churches. The Church has fallen into national mentality and approaches political and social issues with American agendas rather than with a Kingdom agenda. We are concerned about America before we are concerned about the Church and oppressed people, this is backwards prioritizing. This would have at least been anomalous from the perspective of the early Christians.