Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shane's been "tagged"

Sadly, I wasn’t surprised to hear that Shane Claiborne, author of one of the best books I’ve ever put my hands on, The Irresistible Revolution, has been “tagged” by some and then ignored. If you dare… read about it on Mike’s Blog. I truly gives me axiety to hear stories like this because I can see the same thing happening to me someday (though I am no where near as radical as Shane is). Seriously, Check out this post: http://awakening.typepad.com/_awakening/2008/02/uninvited.html

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Anonymous said...

Hey if you're a fan of Shane Claiborne and his book, then you should really check out the Another World is Possible DVD series. It's a multimedia project by Shane Claiborne and Jamie Moffett (co-founders of the Simple Way) that emerged in response to their belief that things are not right in the world, and that they don't have to stay that way. There are three DVD's, one on war, one on poverty, and one on creation. You can find out more about them at www.awip.us.