A Prayer for Identity

"Freedom in Christ is freedom to become nothing.” _Dr. Craig Keen

In you I am loved, valued, even precious.
Help me
to find my identity in you.
In you I am free to become nothing important and still be beautifully good.
Help me to exercise that freedom.
In you I am grasped by a purpose and a people.
Help me to fulfill that purpose with your people.
In you I am forgiven and blameless.
Help me to stop holding my sins against myself.
In you I am strong enough to show my weakness.
Help me to find my true strength in you.
In you I am...
Just what I need to be
Help me to be me!


Amanda Ellis said…
this is a beautiful prayer that i can identify with. i pray that as we grow each day, that we would be an encouragement and a challege to one another. i love you very much and i pray that you are aware of the presence of God in this world in ways you forgot you could see Him.
Danny said…
you're beautiful.