Fire in Ramona

Yesterday I woke up and turned on the news to see that there was a fire in Malibu, buning and threatening homes, churches, and at least one animal hospital. I prayed for them and felt so bad for them but I didn’t realize that soon—the very same night—the same things would be happening in my home town of Ramona.

Last night my family had to evacuate their home from the fires that are raging in San Diego (read the article in the North County Times). Some close friends of mine and my family have already lost their homes and many, many more are evacuated. At least one person has been killed in the fires. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Kolender said, "It's probably the worst fire this county has even seen." I heard that the fire burned just a few houses away from mine but it and my family are safe in El Cajon with my aunt and uncle.

Fortunately for most, only their stuff is in danger now, and stuff is really only stuff.

Please keep Southern California in prayer.