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I’ve been back at school moving in all week and I’m away from my computer and that’s why I haven’t been blogging very regularly.

I thought, with the short time I am near a computer with internet, I would share some thoughts. I’ve been thinking a lot about resolving conflict. Especially in times like these our culture is faced with huge questions about war and peace—about passivism and justice. I am in a strange place because I know what’s wrong but I’m not sure what’s right. I know that war is not the answer, killing the very people we’re supposed to love, namely our enemies, doesn’t make sense. But the immediate question that comes after a suggestion of this nature is, “well, what are we supposed to do?” And I don’t know. What should we have done in World War II? What should we have done about Saddam Hussein? I don’t know…

So my question for today is… what do you do when you don’t have any answers? Do you abandon any project to stop doing what’s wrong simply because you don’t have perfect suggestions? We do indeed need to move beyond the just-war/passivism debate and on to real solutions, but we can’t go one way or another without addressing it. It’s good to protest war, but it’s better to make alternative suggestions… and right now, I am just not sure I have them.


Anonymous said…
Hello Wes

Just - war or no war is not really the question. This scenario makes for excellent sound bite exchange. However the dynamics wrapped around the “war” war are outside the conflict on the ground in the Middle East.

The ignorance or self - imposed blindness of people on both sides of this feeds the turmoil. Most think of Islam as another world religion equal and compatible with other belief systems, with a terrorist wing of mindless fanatics. Live and let live and the other politically correct ideas rooted in “pluralism” has developed this misconception. Islam does not play well with any other group just ask people who saw Islamic believers destroy the Hindu gods in the mountain on the Sub - Continent of Asia ( I forget the exact location at the moment). History explains that Muslim adherents are at war with everybody who will not submit to Allah. Once this task is achieved then and only then Jihad will end and peace can prevail. There is not a shadow of compromise to the true follower of Allah and we had better come to understand this.

War or not to war is not really the question, those who do not oppose Islam will become Muslim. If one dose not convert ( notice this is not making of disciples as Jesus instructed), then one will die! Even though the battle is ultimately in the Heavenlies we here in the flesh are to expose evil or become as guilty as they in their sin, Romans 1:28-2:3. The resistance and confrontational exposure of the falseness of Islam will necessitate war to resist Islam’s goal to be the World religion - no reveals.

I hope these facts help you to come to some conclusions Wes - by the way long time no write I have been occupied - my sight for update if so inclined -
Pastor Art
wellis68 said…
thanks Pastor Art,
I've missed you