Why Did God Make Us?

I was just recently asked this question over the internet:

“If God was perfect (meaning he probaly doesn't need or want a whole lot) why did he create people?
I know the temptation is to slowly work me through the problem but I promise not to blindly except your opinion without carefull thought.”

This was my answer:

“In my opinion... God chose to need.
He chose not to be himself without us and so in the world he has created he does need us... and He desperately wants us. The Idea that God is this wholly holy self sustaining entity (this is Plato's God) doesn't work with the God of the Bible. Plato's God couldn't create because that would imply change and a God who changes can't be perfect because perfection is perfect just as it is. Our God does change throughout the Bible (of course his covenant faithfulness and his love don't change...). Sorry that this answer raises more questions... I think the truth is usually found where the most questions are raised.
A book I'd recommend (though I'm not on board completely with it) is The Openness of God edited by Clarke Pinnock. It'll give you an alternative view of God that generally works with Scripture yet doesn't buy the classical theism (like the God who doesn't need or want) which is often more influenced by Greek philosophy than the Biblical Narrative.”