Celebrating Family and Maui

It’s a sad reality but when you are blessed with the comforts of a family and home in San Diego it’s difficult to celebrate.

My family and I have been in Maui for the last few days and I can’t help but notice that the moments of true celebration are few and they actually take effort. It’s also difficult because I can’t help but think how spoiled I am simply being in a place this beautiful. Being as blessed as I am, it’s still easier to focus on anything but the beauty and the joy of spending time with family in the Hawaiian Islands.

Have you ever felt the tension I’m feeling? Perhaps true celebration takes practice. Celebration is a real activity that is much, much deeper than the stuff you have or the circumstances you’re in. Celebration is an exercise of the heart and if you don’t practice when it doesn’t seem like you have anything to celebrate, then celebrating the obvious things will be all the more difficult.

I am practicing in Hawaii and I’m loving it!


Unknown said…
So, is this a graduation trip for you?

Whatever the reason -- enjoy the experience guilt free!
reminds me of once when I was in deep dispair and went on a retreat hoping to really pray and meditate and get my problems sorted out with the help of the Holy Spirit, but all I could do when I got there was think how beautiful the place was. What is celebration and prayer except for focusing on the beauty and joy of God's creation?
I also found the discussion about Hell very interesting. So much of heaven and hell on this puny planet...