Prayer for the Oppressed

God of shalom and chesed who is obsessed with the oppressed and is devoted to keeping His promises, why does it seem so often that you have forgotten your promise and have allowed chaos to take over You beloved creation? Where have you gone, oh LORD? Are You truly as powerful as we say You are? If you suffer with us, by our side, why don’t You rise up and take vengeance against your enemies as You have claimed to do? Why have You decided to leave the world in chaos—so far from your shalom?

But LORD, we know you are one who forgives His enemies, loves His enemies, and even suffers at the hand of His enemies in order to save them. You have gone to all lengths to keep Your promise. It is we who know You that understand You the least. In our selfishness we believe that we are entitled to forgiveness before those who do not know You and have allowed injustice to be their god. It is for those very enemies that you came and suffered and suffer still.

So LORD, though I think it better to destroy the oppressors to end the oppression I appeal to Your great wisdom. Have mercy, God, upon Your enemies who are destroying the innocent. End the death with life. End the violence with peace. May I be as obsessed with those in need as you are. Bring Your presence which gives wholeness throughout every corner of the world. Keep Your promise oh LORD.