Women and Golf: the search for authentic community

I apologize for ever posting this post. I was in a bad mood and should never have posted in such a bad mood.



Anonymous said…
well...I was a bit disappointed to read what you wrote...but like you said so well, this has been a bad month when it comes to community. The issues that have surfaced within one of the couple's marriage and the pain of some of the other things that many of us have gone through this month have been difficult to navigate. You know though, it is something that is very fluid, this "community" thing. I can't tell you that "you shoulda been here last month" because I think the measure of a community is in what is happening now. I only pray that the community that is emerging in our midst here will be something special. That's my goal and prayer...I think you can still see the commitment to our new way of living that is alive. The masks, vulnerability, accountability, etc. is continuing to grow. Of course, you didn't see alot of the things that some of us were doing "behind the scenes". if you did, you may have written something else. so, for now, I'm glad I read your blog...your perceptions are important.