bloging my mind

I am not simply afraid to speak my mind. On the contrary I want to speak my mind and that is exactly the reason I do not want to come out and say which side of the argument I'm on. If I do this my voice will be ignored because people don't listen after yes or no. When someone hears a simple answer they assume your opinion is just that, simple; black or white, liberal or conservative. My opinion is not simple; it's difficult because it's a difficult subject that can't just be fought against with a few controversial Bible verses. I try not to ask others for simple answers because I want to avoid making labels myself. I try not to expect yes or no because people’s thoughts don’t usually fit in yes or no, for or against, pro or anti, etc.

I don’t blog to give simple answers and neither should you. If you blog let this be a place where you hear yourself out. Don’t allow yourself to remain unchallenged. Why blog at all if everything you say can fit into one word? Speak your whole mind and let others do the same. This is a space where you don’t have to fit into the labels. Take advantage of that space.


Dan McGowan said…
You know - it's one thing for ME to have MY black and white opinion that I tart about as if I have all the answers... but it's a completely different thing to actually speak out as to what the BIBLE clearly teaches... Black and White is a GOOD thing in most cases... I'm glad I EITHER go to heaven or hell - I'm grateful Christ dies for ALL (black and white) my sins - not just the meaty ones...

Christians who won't STAND UP and SPEAK OUT about what the BIBLE clearly teaches are NOT being "tolerant" - they are being weak.

The problem with blogging is NOT "black and white" - the problem with blogging is that many don't really take the time, nor have the courage, to actually speak the truth - in love, or otherwise...
wellis68 said…
I agree that it's good to speak out on what is true. But I want it to be heard correctly, I want it to be understood not just categorized. truth doesn't fit into black or white, yes or no, for or against. It's bigger than that, it transends the argument. Truth isn't just about sitting on one side of the fence or another it's about understanding, really understanding, the whole argument and affirming the truth on both sides. Rarely is there a real argument that doesn't have truth on both sides.

Even the heaven/hell thing you brought up. Do you know how much there is to that? There's stacks of books and hoards of great theologians who've debated the subject. No one really has the nature of heaven and hell nailed. But let me tell you every perspective I've read has something I can hold on to, something for us to take and learn.

Let me give you an example. Some people say that heaven and hell are present realities here on earth and that they are not eternal destinations (at least not the way we understand them) but they are here and every once in a while we see a glimpse of one or the other. When all things are right that's a glimpse of heaven. When everything sucks that's hell. Now weather you agree with this view or not you can still acknowledge that things are either right or wrong and God once it to be good. This view, right or wrong, gives us the respomdsebility to do something in this world (a concept that's all over the pages of scripture), to bring heaven here in all that we do.

As you can see there is truth in this view though it is debateable how some the particulars in it hold up theologically.

keep in mind, the point here is not for us to debate the nature of heaven and hell. My point is that truth is not black and white or even gray. Truth isn't confined by our simple answers. Even things that seem so obviouse in scripture are often much more complex than at first sight.

Anonymous said…
Man that was good. I need to think about that some more because I tend to be pretty simple-minded, which is a lot different than a teacher I greatly respect. Maybe I need to get better at explaining things with long answers - kind of like politicians do, which actually irritates me - instead of just giving simple yes or no answers, etc.

Man that was good. I need to think more about that. Thanks for your thoughts on this.
exploring the blog world can be dangerous business...some ideas are harmful and some are hurtful...yet being able to share ideas and tell stories and converse is one of the ways that humankind is made in their Creator's image. Truth is truth...a person not a concept and surely not realitive. However we do not know. We will never know. Not completely, not until we come face to face with Truth Himself. When one thinks he knows the truth the whole truth and that there is no other truth, he might stop seeking, and it's never good to stop seeking.
wellis68 said…
There are interesting implications to what you say. If Jesus is "Truth" then perhaps Jesus is present in some of the most unlikely places. When we disregard any truth in any place we are rejecting Jesus himself. After all truth is availabl;e to everyone, no matter how little they may know about the Bible.

Great thoughts,