Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Importance of Being Apocalyptic

My good friend Jeff just posted a great paper on apocalyptic literature. It articulates good understanding of what apocyliptic books are really all about and why they belong in the pages of scripture.



Anonymous said...

Great article Wes

wellis68 said...

I'll tell Jeff you said so...

SteveW said...

This is an interesting article. I have always thought that the book of Revelation is extremely symbolic and that we get into many difficulties when we take it to literal that seem to result more in division and confusion than the Lords purpose to heal, restore and unite.

I prefer to focus on it being the unveiling of a Person and His purposes which is to make all things new, including a society with open gates that never shut...even to those who may still be outside it's safety....with an eternal invitation being extended to them....the Spirit & the bride say come.