Articles to guide our thinking

I now have a sidebar menue called "Articles to guide our thinking." If you're interested in learning some of the things that have guided my thinking and the thoughts of those who have influenced my theology greatly you'll be interested in these articles. I especially, in light of the recent conversation on this blog, recomend How Can The Bible Be Authoritative? by N.T. Wright.
The Jesus Creed Brian McLaren -this may act as a statement of faith for this blog.
Spiritual Formation: What it is, and How it is Done by Dallas Willard- helps us understand the centrality of our inward journey.
Jesus and the Identity of God by N.T. Wright- Is Jesus God? This question has been asked on this blog before and this article helps us understand the relationship and nature of Jesus' diety.
How Can The Bible Be Authoritative? (I've already recomended)


Agent X said…

Great post!! Wright Rocks!!!

I buzzed through about a fourth of the first essay. It is complicated stuff. Needs a lot of time to absorb. But it makes incredible sense.

I am reading (actually I have put it down in recent days, need to get back to it) The Last Word by Wright. I recognize the lecture/essay in the book. I highly recommend the book. It is not one of his really thick ones, it is fairly cheap and not too difficult to read. Plus, I suspect you will find it a great resource for many research projects.

Keep up the good work, man.

wellis68 said…
Thanks Mike,
It's on my list
wellis68 said…
Thanks Ash,
I put the pic together myself... I had an artisic moment.
Hey Wes... thanks for stopping by my site before. (Yes, it's me Tesuvah with my real pen name- Dawn-Renee Kittle).

If you liked the original story with no revisions of Sirius or Serious??? Come read the final draft waiting for the Approval of my Big Brother, The Chairman of the Laughter Safety Valve Commission.

Yes, that's right. Richard Belzer thinks I'm naturally funny and is having a good laugh at my expense.

I'm not kidding....he's my big brother.

Laugh safely, and spread the word.

(and The Word).

bruced said…
Didn't Scot McKnight write the Jesus Creed? Maybe McLaren wrote one by the same title. Just wondering. Good choices though!
bruced said…
Oh gosh! I just noticed that the Jesus Creed is a link to something McLaren wrote! Nevermind! haha
wellis68 said…
that's cool Bruced. Yes, McKnight wrote a book called "Jesus Creed" and McLaren wrote an article.