Olam Haba

Here’s an interesting and short article about the Olam Haba. Reas it and tell me what you think.


Pastor Art said…
These are foundation concepts we need to understand. The view of life and death from Scriptures perspective comes from this. The philosophy of naturalism has influenced the popular “idea” of resurrection. Reading carefully all will be resurrected as per the article, but the condition of existence is different, some to life some to death. We must b logical in our examination of this. If life means animation of a body and death lack of animation then those resurrected into death are resurrected into non - existence and this is not an historical Biblical doctrine. This runs deeper then the “afterlife” this understanding also affects the curse condition after the Fall. Adam’s children are animated therefore in the popular understanding are alive. It follows that “life” spoken of in Scripture carries a different idea.

This entails conditions of outcome! The activities of people yield benefit or destruction. This is the basic concept here. Living a life of the flesh leads to what …? None of the aspects of that lifestyle are beneficial in the long run. The body becomes unhealthy the mind darken with the regrets of selfishness ECT torment - death no rest.

The opposite is the picture of those living in the Spirit! The conditions of these two lifestyles continue into eternity as we put it. Jesus opened up the veil on the darkened glass true to His nature letting us know that because these two conditions of life are in opposition to one another He will separate the environments ie apply holiness two our final conditions so that evil can no longer corrupt His people and we can enter into His rest secure that all will be for our good because we love Him. If we truly understand this the Church’s existence here and now will be profoundly changed and become more pleasing in His eyes!
Pastor Art
Ashley said…
I love the concept of Olam Haba, I think it is something we should all incorporate into our daily lives. I think so many times as Christians we focus too much on what happens after we die, but when we look back to our ancesteral roots, we can see that it is not the thing we need to focus on. When we went to hear Rabbi Marcus he spoke on this. It has been on my mind a lot latley. He said that the Old Testamet didn't talk about heaven, he said this was because they didn't want the people reading/hearing the texts focusing just on the life after death. Too many times when we focus just what happens to us after we die, which has no impact on our lives at the present time. Great post Wes!