God was in the Silence

Today in Chapel they had a girl, who is a student at APU, come up and speak. She was originally from Japan and had come to America to continue her education at Citrus College next door to APU. She was not a Christian when she came to America four years ago and had never met one let alone heard what they believe. When she came, the people at APU treated her in such a way that she was profoundly affected. She couldn’t believe their kindness. She began going to Chapel and learning about what God had done and the teachings of Jesus.

She was now a Christian and as she stood and gave her story, tears came. The place was filled with penetrating silence. The entire gym watched in silence and it was undeniable to me that there was more going on in that room than we could see or touch; there was something heavy but untouchable, consuming but silent, silent but resonant. The only word that fit the situation was ‘wow.’

We often forget, especially in college or any kind of study, the power in simply following Jesus, the awe we feel when our lives fall into harmony; when everything for a moment feels… right

When you remember what it was like before we experienced Him do tears come to your face?

We often replace the power of a relationship with Jesus, of Knowing God, with some disconnected intellectual power. In Chapel today there was nothing disconnected or distant about God. It was incontestable that there was something more in that moment where silence took over and tears interrupted her story. God was in the silence…


MicahGirl said…
That is exactly what it's all about.
Stephanie said…
I love moments like those. When you can without a doubt feel the presence of the Lord in an entire place. When you know He's moving in the lives and hearts of others right in front of your eyes...truly an amazing feeling.