Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thoughts on heaven and Hell...

Mike Devries (the guy in th picture on the left) wrote an awesome article today explaining some of the thoughts presented to us by Rabbi Zalman Marcus. This article is eleqently written and explains some of the theologies, if you will, that I have accepted on Heaven and Hell. So if you're confused about what exactly I believe on the issue this article might give you at least an idea.

Also My good friend Aaron Dugall posted a good article called "community brainstorm" that discusses the "Mega church movement." His are not the stereotype ideas we hear from "emergens." Hope these two articles enlighten you.

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IMO said...

Very cool. I'll be back to read the second link that you provided. I linked it on my site too--I hope you don't mind. I've been posting a lot of links lately and spending more time reading. But I did write a long post yesturday if you have time to read it. Thanks Wes.