Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Velvet Elvis

I am writing this post on behalf of Wes. He has completly disconnected himself from the rest of his life at the present moment because he just got his copy (which is actually the one I ordered and he stole from me) of Rob Bell's book Velvet Elvis. So for the next several days, weeks, months, however long it takes him to read it he will not be doing anything other than reading and probably pooping. He will return soon, well maybe.

Signed his faithful, patient, far better half...


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I love you! And I also love the fact that you referenced his pooping! I miss you guys, and I wanna hear all about the book, be sure to blog about it, I wanna know if it's way worth reading. Take care!!

Robin Dugall said...

Wes is in a cave as usual. Now he has an excuse for having some intellectual stimulation beyond the Hello Kitty comic books and Curious George coloring books that he usually reads. We love you Wes!

Big Rob and Aaron

wellis68 said...


You found my stash...?!