What's "false doctrine?"

I was listening to a well know speaker on the radio today giving us warning against allowing "false doctrine" into our homes. He said we should "put a mark" on anyone who holds false doctrine and "avoid them."

What's false doctrine?

I probably hold an abundance of false doctrine, avoid me. what do you think about avoiding people with "false doctrine?"


I'd have to clarify just what false doctrine was. I would boil it down to "who do you say Jesus is?" Some people seem a lot more specific concerning doctrine. They make a big deal out of the stuff, the traditions, style and methods. But that's not doctrine.
Should we avoid those with false doctrine? I guess that depends on who we are and how strong we are in our relationship with Jesus.
Lately, as I surf the web, I am finding a lot of bitter, disillusioned and angry people. People angry at God, and His people. I am also finding people who are sincerely searching for truth, for enlightenment, for God, even though some people's doctrines state that no one seeks God. Is once saved always saved doctrine? Are tongues and miracles doctrine? Oh, it smells like rain...we need rain here in New Mexico. I think I'll go outside and breath in.
Ashley said…
Well goodbye Wes, I will no longer be able to date you because you have false doctrine, I mean you are dating.

Ok, so that was my horrible attempt at being very scarcastic and I sucked at it, anyways...

What I think is that, does any human know what false doctrine is?? I mean what I see as false my neighbor sees as true and vise versa. I think that it is impossible to avoid thoes with false doctrine because if we thought the only ones with sound doctrine were thoes who thought and lived exactally like us, then we would all live in completly isolated lives. I think that we need to be in constant fellowship with our brothers and sisters so that we together can maybe gain a slight glimpse of the true doctrine. I don't think anyone will truly ever know for sure.

As far as avoiding... I think we need to avoid the practices of what we might suspect to be false, not the people. I believe that we are called to embrace all people in love.

Just my thoughts.
Flip said…
Don't get me started...remind me to email some stuff on that related to our other conversation.
Ashley, be careful...
there is such a thing in the universe as truth.
I really like what you said about avoiding the apparent false practices while not avoiding the people.
Flip said…
ok wes...check your email...I rambled on
How could you avoid persons with "false doctrine"? We all have it, we all see through a glass darkly. I submit that we should do as Jesus told us in Matthew 25, welcome strangers, feed the hungry, clothe the naked.

Orthopraxy is Orthodoxy.
Ashley said…

I am a little confused as to what you ment, if it was in response to my original statement of does anyone know, I was thinking more along the lines as to can we pin down a single definition of "false doctrine", sometimes I can ramble forever and other times I don't elaborate enough. Was that what you were refering to?
when bankers are taught to identify counterfiet money, they spend a lot of time examining the real thing. i guess, Ashley, what I was responding to what your statement "what I see as false, my neighbor sees as true and visa versa". I didn't mean to offend or critize. I think Wes's next post did a good job of clarifing the question at hand.