Spirtual Chores

Does living a christian life ever feel like just a hole bunch of spiritual chores? I have found myself feeling like that at times.

People often attack the whole "religon" thing and say "religon is bad" and "christianity is not a religon it's a relationship". While Christianity is a relationship, I'm not too sure that it is not a religon.

Maybe religion isn't the problem, I mean don't Christians call people to religion as much as anyone. We talk about how important "morning devotions" are. What's that? Is that not, though it's motive is relational, a religouse act? Our battle should be against a deeper idea. Our battle is against what I call "spiritual chores," which are not rooted in the particular action that is being displayed but rather in the emotion or more appropriately motivation behind it. If our motivation is "well I'm a christian I'm supposed to...", we've missed the point. We need to develop ourselves into the type of people who do things "we're suposed to do" without the feeling that it's a chore. Now the hard part is becomeing that type of person. How do we do that? I'll have to think about that alot more.


Ashley said…
Wes I think you brought up some great points on this post. I know exactally what you mean by feeling as though you have chores that you have to do. Everything you said about the relationship vs. religion I think is right on. Keep it up!!
Scott said…
I began a long comment about the idea of Christian disciples verses freedom in Christ when I realized in this case less is more. God is the author and finisher of our faith. I think that the only way to avoid merely doing chores(Which is what the Pharisee's did) is to realize it is impossible for us to please God, do our best, and trust God to do the rest.
wellis68 said…
Scott, great answer man! thanks.