President Obama's Easter Speech

I think it's interesting how many people still accuse President Obama of being a Muslim (as though that's a negative accusation) and/or an Atheist and/or simply Anti-Christian when it is clear to me, whatever critiques I might have about his politics, that he is not only a Christian but an articulate Christian who has thought quite hard about his faith in Christ. We were all unhesitating in our willingness to accept George W. Bush in his claim to Christianity but Obama, no matter how often he might reference his faith, still receives skepticism. Why is this?

I don't recall hearing such a well articulated affirmation of the gospel of Jesus Christ from a President before hearing President Obama's Easter Sunday speech.

It seems to me that Obama is no less of a Christian that I am. I don't go around judging the hearts of everyone who claims Christ and I have no reason to be so judgmental toward Barack Obama. And let me again express that this has nothing to do with his politics. I still have many reservations thereto, but his faith is not mine nor ours to judge.


nate said…
Good find Wes, and quite encouraging.