Choosing Schools

Well, I've been aching for quite a while now to go back to school. I have been forced, due to financial reasons, to take a break for the past few semesters but now I've pretty much decided that I have to go back in order to keep my sanity and to best fulfill my goals. The financial situation hasn't changed but I am somehow going to make school possible. I am interested either in an M.Div or an MA in theology or Biblical studies so that I can go either into ministry, academics or both. If I decide to stay in full time ministry, I want to seek ordination in a mainline church (like the UCC, where I am now). So the option of Haggard (APU) doesn't seem like the best choice anymore. Therefore, I am deciding between a few schools. I'm looking into Fuller (that's about as Evangelical as you can get without leaving the mainline radar), San Francisco Theological Seminary, Pacific School of Religion, Claremont, Drew, Vanderbilt, Yale, Duke, and Union Theological Seminary. Considering the fact that I want to remain where I am working which is in Ramona, I have narrowed that list down to three main candidates: Claremont, Fuller, and SFTS.

I am open to other options, especially if they're in San Diego, but those just seem like the best options for now. If anyone has an opinion, another suggestion, or any other comments I welcome them and would appreciate them. I probably won't be going back to school until after the summer anyway so I guess I've got time.


nate said…
I'd love to hit up Fuller. My buddy's (who write my blog with me) wife is working on her PhD there.
Leslie said…
I am a current student at PSR. One of the benefits of going to SFTS is that you will be able to take classes at any of the other schools in the Graduate Theological Union. You may already know this if you were looking at PSR.

If you are still interested in PSR, I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
wellis68 said…
Yeah, Fuller's definitely a great place. But it is evangelical, which is great, but I've already gotten a degree from an Evangelical perspective and I'd kinda like to branch out.

So I hear. But, since I'm trying to stay in So. Cal. I will only have access to the Pasadena campus. PSR doesn't have a southern campus does it?
SarahJoy said…
Claremont, or, you know, move and go to Notre Dame. Just a suggestion... ;)

(P.S. I'm projecting, just so you know...)
wellis68 said…
You may think it strange but Craig Keen himself recommended Fuller over Claremont. He said that it has gone "down-hill" in the last few years. But Notre Dame would be awesome!!!