Bearing God's Image

To bear the image of God is to live the story of God reveling himself to the world. We become agents of liberation, unraveling God's response from Exodus: "I am who I am." In us the undefinable, unbounded, and unpredictable nature of God's identity is played out for the world--revealed to the world as a play is performed for an audience, except in this performance the audience is invited to play along. With our lives, our interaction with one another, and our compassionate response the the need of the world we point to the God of abundant life, eternal community, and ultimate compassion, in whom all things are created and in whom all things are made new again.

Let us invite the world into the performance of God's image with relentless acceptance and openness remembering that "while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us," that we may be the foretaste of God's now-but-not-yet kingdom on earth.


Unknown said…
Lovely picture: The play that we are cast to participate in. However, I miss what you may mean when you say that His nature is "Undefinable, unbound, and unpredictable..." I am probably reading you wrong, but is not the opposite what we take our greatest delight in? Do we not see that the God of All is bound by His character? Is He not confined to work in Love and Goodness. Can we not predict that He will always do what is best? (Even if it hurts in our perspective?) Do we not define Him by His own explanations of His character/nature? In these I take great delight! I know that He is bound to be Pure, Righteous, and Gracious. Psalm 116 defines His character well, "Gracious is the Lord and Righteous." In these two things we take comfort. He makes the unclean clean and the defiled pure. The result is a creation ever changing in a certain and particular direction. This may be what you meant, but your wording was confusing.