Beauty, Love, Holiness: an unpoetic poem

Nothing hides itself more discreetly or reveals itself more obviously than beauty. This truth suggests nothing if it does not suggest that beauty may be found nearly everywhere or nearly nowhere. Its elusiveness draws us to search. And what is the difference between beauty and love? And what is the difference between beauty and holiness? Perhaps the one with whom you speak is truly love and perhaps the ground on which you stand is holy ground. For holiness is unfounded if it is not founded upon love. For holiness is inexpressible if it is not expressed in beauty. And what is love if it is not a memory, refusing to forget the easily forgettable? And what is a memory if it in incapable of discovering beauty? Therefore a holy God, wholly other than unholiness, can do nothing if not love the unlovable, if not adore beauty in that which is in all other ways horrible. A holy God is a God who creates love where love cannot be found and discloses beauty where beauty cannot exist. Indeed this sort of God makes sinners into saints. Indeed this sort of God is beautiful.


Amanda Ellis said…
I think this is beautiful. Sounds like something people will quote one day.