Tel Rehov

I am thoroughly sorry for not blogging as often as I had originally promised. I have been extremely busy and any time I get for blogging has been dedicated to keeping up the Israel Blog. We are now down to the last week of the trip. Since Sunday we have been staying at the Kibbutz Nir David in Bet She'an because we are excavating at Tel Rehov nearby. It's been an interesting experience archaeology, as I have discovered, is hard work. But what little bit of architecture, pottery, and bone that we unearth makes all the hard work worth while. Tel Rehov is a very unique tel in Israel, the only one with an excavated apiary (bee-hives). We are not totally sure what sort of people lived here, all we know is that they were religious in the Iron age because we have found small altars in quite a relatively large concentration. It's been fun but tough. I am excited to return home and to more regular blogging.


Unknown said…
I trust you are enjoying your trip to Israel. I envy your opportunity to be there and your chance to do some archeological work.