A Christmas Prayer

God of Joy,
You look upon us with pleasure.
You love us and take joy in the work you have done
Even when we feel like failures, You still call us beautiful.
You have opened your arms to us
You have called us to embrace You.
So, LORD, as we crawl into your arms
May we also embrace one another.

May we be bursting with Your Word
As we celebrate it’s coming to us on Christmas Day.
May we fall in love, again,
With the good news which is good for all people—
The news of The Kingdom of God
Bringing this dead world bursting into springtime life.

You alone, oh God, can make everyday new.
Give us, your people whom you love, the Joy of newness.
You are our Joy—
You are our brightest morning, our clearest day, and our most beautiful night.
Come now, into our lives, as You did on that great day
Come in Simple ways.

In the name of Your Son, whose coming brings light to darkness.


Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, Wesley. I really liked this prayer. It is pure. :)
Anonymous said…

Happy Holidays.

I am trying to raise jet pack deficiency awareness this year, since it is 2007 and we still don't have them. :)

I invite you and your readers to stop by and lend your support.

Thanks, and many blessings...