Dreams Worth Chasing

God, who is above all creation, is in all creation, and who serves all creation.
See us now?
We’re poor, we’re broken, and we’re hungry.
Some of us are begging you for sustenance,
But still most of us stand too prideful to even see our pain let alone call to you for help.
See us now? Why don’t you do something?
Oh Lord, I cry out to you. Show me my need.
I cry out to you for all of us, answer our prayer.

My dreams have faded as my heart has become hard.
I’ve ignored our pain.
My hope is in you even as I doubt that you even hear me.
But never have you ignored me,
Never have I been neglected.

I trust that we will not be neglected for I know the boldness of my prayer.
My prayer is to one who feels our pain and who cries out “I thirst.”
Forgive us God for ignoring your pain.
Make us those who serve as you have served—
Who feed the hungry, shelter the poor, and give water to the thirsty.

Allow us not to give up on your dreams.
You are the God who sparks the imagination and fills us with dreams.
Fill us again with dreams worth chasing!


Anonymous said…


Beautiful, meaningful and powerful.