Life and Death

Why do you sit in that chair with your eyes closed?
from there you search and conquer.
you drool over the thought of your own power and victory
you never see it.
Your failure is too obvious to you.
struggling, sufficating, strangling, dragging.

Why do you sit and search from that chair?
you cannot reach from there.
why do you buy and sell? is it for you?
don't you hear its' endless rhythm?
why do you watch their commercials?
piercing your bones.
why do you gather so much for yourself?
don't you see it ends in death?
agony, anguish, desparation, breathless

Get up from there, awaken to the song.
open your eyes!
see the beauty, real life?
or do you even recognize it?
give, go, surrender, suffer, live
don't you see you were made for this?

Let go of that death and take up this life,
hope, peace, harmony
return to who you were, who you have been, who you really are!
here is life; compassion, generosity, and love.
here is death; victory, conquest, war.
get out of that chair,
become alive!


Verity said…
Did you write this? It's really good. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I appreciated it.
wellis68 said…
Yes I did write this... I'm not much of a poet but I felt inspired.

thanks for coming by my blog!
Verity said…
I know what you mean about inspiration. Sometimes I just feel like I have to write and although sometimes it isn't very good, occasionally it turns out well. :)