Some great thoughts on community

If you've any interest in the concept of community click here. The Weary Pilgrim gives nine amazing statements that might help us guide our thoughts and ponderences about community and what it means to do life together (I left a comment after the post if you're interested).


Well I'm a weary eccentrically meshugunah pilgrim...

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Yes.. Teshuvah means to "repent" or turn around and go back to our origins -- to the Source - so to speak. "In the beginning was..." a very Jewish thing to do.

Agape = Unconditional caring or compassion.

Chutzpah is Yiddish for Guts, Nerve, Audaciousness, Bold, Daring.

or being an Original, like me -- like we were all created to be.

Agape is a Five Letter Word...For Chutzpah means "Pledging to unconditional caring and compassion takes more guts than being a lemming."

Glad I could make your day. Remember to smile - you might just help save someone's life.

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”…let us pledge allegiance to compassion, humanity and each other.” --Richard Belzer, July 4, 2005.
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Oh I just noticed in your profile that you liked the movie Scarface... I did a double take when it was on TNT and saw my "big brother" basically playing himself as the emcee at the club. I need to rent the video...

wellis68 said…
Thanks for stopping by and answeing my questions. I love your blog.
Thanks for the link, it was a beautiful post...full of wisdom, but full of fuel for that wild fire that keeps roaring through blogworld as well. I'll be visiting Teshuva too.