The Supertones strike again for the last time

Tonight Ashley and I and Janette and Jesse are going to the very last Supertones concert ever.... Sigh.

They're having their last show at BIOLA University (of all places) and I'm preparing myself for an emotional time. The Supertones were probably the first band I ever really loved and this is the end of an era. I've seen them live a few times and they're amazing! I'm totally excited that we got tickets!


Dolores said…
The Supertones have a very special place in my heart because I credit them with introducing my young sons to Christian music they could relate to and, therefore, to the concept of having a personal relationship with Jesus. He became their Savior and not just their mother's. I wish I could thank them for their impact. I hope, in your own way, you were able to do that last night. Hope it was great!
IMO said…
Awh! They played a concert at our church long ago it seems. They are great and I have a great admiration for them. There was a kid at that concert who kneeled down in the dirt and prayed with me. It was a special thing. Anyway, my kids still have their CD's and love them. I'm sure they will do great things in the Kingdom--sometimes God has other plans.