U-Turns Allowed...

This week Ashley and I will be headed for a three day retreat to beautiful Malibu. My good friend Robin Dugall was invited to speak at this retreat of about 20 or so high school kids and some unfortunate things came up in his life. His wife had a heart attack (they think) and he had to cancel on them. He and his family would probably appretiate and benefit from any prayers. Because of the circumstances he's asked me to take his place speaking.

This will be my first experience doing something like this (sorry if you didn't know that, Robin) so I could use alot of prayer.

Tonight or tmarrow, sometime I have to prepare something to talk about.

The theme at the retreat is "U-turns allowed," God giving us second chances. What a beautiful message. I'm sure we've all got stories of God's grace, about second chances.


Ashley said…
Yes, please pray for us!!!
Jennifer said…
I just started reading here, so I don't really know you but I can tell you are a man who follows God's leading, and you can't go wrong with that! I will pray for you.
Stephanie said…
Good luck....you're going to do great. I'm praying for you. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. :)
Pastor Art said…
wes, ashley

keep in mind that this socity and the sub-culture that the youth live in provieds no answers (oh no!). therefore most of them will even in their "could care less" stance will have their ears open waiting and wondering does this guy have anything to say.they also will have their eyes open. i have been working most of my ministry invalved with youth in some way even when pastoring at a rescue mission.

there is a profound insight to youth contained in the opening of the book of Dan. ponder how did these TEENS make it through the concuring of their nation and become leaders in another?
Pastor Art
Anonymous said…
what an amazing opportunity!!!!!! you guys are in my prayers for sures...be sure to keep us posted k