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Weekend Conversations

Christian Music Theology

Happy Birthday MyManda!!!

The Peace Sign


Resurrection Hope

Kingdom Conversations

Easter Sunday -2008

Holy Saturday-2008

A Few Amazing Good Friday Posts.

Good Friday-2008

Maundy Thursday-2008

When does orthodoxy get in the way of orthopraxy?

Barack Obama

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Palm Sunday: Do you mean it?

Faith/Activism and the New Sanctuary Movement: reflections

Faith/Activism and the New Sanctuary Movement

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MY thoughts on "Emergent": An Introduction to Emergent Movement and Conversation

Jesus, Church, and Koinonia

Wonderful Post

Alternate Society

Enough to Make You a Calvinist

Unsettling Caress

La Casa

A Poem of Koinonia

Common Day of Learning: Moral Relativism

Philippians: joy and suffering

Wrestling with "Emergent"

Evangelism and Social Justice

Problems with Substitutionary Atonement

Consumer Jesus

"On Earth as in Heaven" Pt. 3

"On Earth as in Heaven" Pt. 2

"On Earth as in Heaven" Pt. 1